Organism II

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The latest piece of the Organism series that I’ve been working on.

Organism I

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A new work focusing on organic elements. A journey into the
world of creation and destruction that is constantly occurring
within and around us.

Sunflowers / ひまわり

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sunflower (911x1280)

A recent work that I did with a sunflower theme.
At first, I tried to stick with watercolor, then started pulling
out the other drawing materials. It’s found a new home now!

Art Challenge

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of beast and man-01 (788x1280) crow-01-01 (781x1280) leafman (893x1280) leaf in hand-01 (1280x876) lady in the tree-01 (744x1280) lady in the forest-01-01 (767x1280) img013 (1280x869)Recently, my illustration professor from ECU, Joan Mansfield, game me the five day three artwork challenge. After doing a couple of pieces, I kept on going….and can’t seem to stop. Enjoy!




James’ Art Class Exhibition ジェームスの絵画教室展示会

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2014 A4 Flyer-01

From April 13-16 (the gallery is closed on the 14th), my watercolor students and I will be exhibiting a selection of our work at the Wellness Kouryuu Plaza in Miyakonojyo City.
If you have the time and are in the area, please drop by and check out the work!!!
Hope to see you there!


Solitary Tree

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DSC_0055I’ve been asked to do an illustration including a tree, so I went down the road and did a quick watercolor of this tree out in the middle of some fields.


Kodama Shrine 興玉神社

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DSC_0045The other day, my watercolor class and I did some painting at the local shrine. Even though it’s only about 5 minutes away from my house, it was the first time I’d ever been there. We all had a great day of painting. Here’s my work from the day.



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attack (800x639)let's mate and make war(800x642)some recent sketches. It seems the theme of war keeps on popping up in my work lately. I always find it depressing that with so many things in the universe trying to wipe us out of existence, cosmic rays, meteors, supernovas, earthquakes, tsunamis, you name it…we still find the need to add to these with our destructive nature.

Cosmic Anomaly

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cosmic anomaly (800x642)This is the latest sketch I’ve done, which I’m thinking about turning into a painting.

Sketches from Spain

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13030526 (565x800)13030525 (563x800)13030524 (556x800)13030523 (556x800)1303052213030521 (561x800)13030520 (800x638)13030519 (800x640)13030518 (800x640)13030517 (800x637)13030516 (640x800)13030515 (800x638)13030514 (800x639)13030513 (800x639)13030512 (800x634)13030511 (800x638)13030510 (800x638)13030509 (800x639)13030508 (800x636)13030507 (800x638)13030506 (800x637)13030505 (800x641)13030504 (800x636)13030503 (800x638)13030502 (800x637)13030501 (642x800)Last month, I went to Spain for a friend’s wedding. I got there a few days early, and made my way around Barcelona and Figuerres to get some art inspiration. Here’s some sketches from the trip. Enjoy!